Villa Victoria.

Time flies when you enjoy what you love, and it is difficult not to have a great time in this true gem - one of the most beautiful villas we've ever visited and located in our favorite island! Villa Victoria is a 5 bedroom, ocean view villa, 20 minutes away from the entry point to Nusa Penida (that is where most boats anchor). The drive to this place is an absolute dream and we love the fact that it is located about midway to our favorite beach - Diamon Beach. The staff here is very friendly and the breakfast very generous - but what sets this villa apart (in our opinion) is the mix of comfort, a great view and the design of each space.

Villa Victoria, living room
Villa Victoria, interiors
Villa Victoria Bathroom
Villa Victoria Hot Tub
Villa Victoria Dining Area
Villa Victoria Drone shot birdseye

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Villa Victoria

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- Victoria, Owner

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